Recommended Books

This list is constantly under construction. If you know of a title that belongs here, please let me know and I will add it immediately. Books are categorized by year of publication, beginning in the year 2000. Obviously there are many older titles that readers should be aware of (many by Charles Tilly, Theda Skocpol, James C. Scott, etc.)

For titles pertaining to specific conflicts, see the corresponding posts.


Greed and Grievance: Economic agendas in civil wars Edited by Mats Berdal and David M. Malone


Women and Civil War: Impact, organizations, and action Edited by Krishna Kumar

Committing to Peace: The successful settlement of civil wars By Barbara F. Walter

Dynamics of Contention By Doug McAdam, Sidney Tarrow, and Charles Tilly

No Other Way Out: States and Revolutionary Movements, 1945-1991 By Jeff Goodwin


Keeping the Peace: Lasting Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts By Daniel L. Byman

Committing to Peace: The Successful Settlement to Civil Wars By Barbara F. Walter

Civil Wars and Foreign Powers: Outside Interventions in Intrastate Conflict By Patrick M. Regan


Airpower in Small Wars: Fighting insurgents and terrorists By James S. Corum and Wray R. Johnson

The Politics of Collective Violence By Charles Tilly

Shadow Gloablization, Ethnic Conflicts, and New Wars: A Political Economy of Intra-state War Edited by Dietrich Jung


Peace Time: Cease Fire Agreements and the Durability of Peace By Virginia Page Fortna


Profiting from Peace: Managing the resource dimensions of civil war Edited by Karen Ballentine and Heiko Nitzschke

Neverending Wars: The international community, weak states, and the perpetuation of civil war By Ann Hironaka

Rethinking the Nature of War Edited by Isabelle Duyvesteyn and Jan Angstrom

Drugs and Democracy in Latin America: The impact of US policy Edited by Coletta A. Youngers and Eileen Rosin

Repression and Mobilization (Social Movements, Protest, and Contention) Edited by Christian Davenport, Hank Johnston, and Carol Mueller


Territoriality and Conflict in an Era of Globalization Edited by Miles Kahler and Barbara F. Walter

Inside Rebellion: The politics of insrgent violence By Jeremy M. Weinstein

Political Order in Changing Societies By Samuel P. Huntington

The Logic of Violence in Civil War By Stathis N. Kalyvas

Contentious Politics By Charles Tilly and Sidney Tarrow


The Arab Economies in a Changing World by Marcus Noland and Howard Pack

Deadly Connections: States That Sponsor Terrorism By Daniel Byman

After Mass Crime: Rebuilding states and communities Edited by Beatrice Pouligny, Simon Chesterman, and Albrecht Schnabel

Too Poor for Peace? Global poverty, conflict, and security in the 21st century Edited by Lael Brainard and Derek Chollet

Morality and Political Violence By C.A.J. Coady


Does Peacekeeping Work? Shaping belligerents choices after civil war By Virginia Page Fortna (2008)

From War to Democracy: Dilemmas of peacebuilding Edited by Anna K. Jarstad and Timothy D. Sisk

Civil Wars: Internal struggles, global consequences By Marie Olsen Lounsbury and Frederic Pearson

Politics of Civil Wars: Conflict, intervention, & resolution By Amalendu Misra

Intrastate Conflict, Governments, and Security: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Assurance By Stephen M. Saideman and Marie-Joelle J. Zahar

Terrorism, Economic Development, and Political Openness Edited by Philip Keefer and Norman Loayza

Contentious Performances By Charles Tilly

For Kin or Country: Xenophobia, Nationalism, and War By Stephen M. Saideman and R. William Ayres

UN Peacekeeping in Civil Wars By Lise Morje Howard

Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence By Dipak K. Gupta


Reputation and Civil War: Why seperatist conflicts are so violent By Barbara F. Walter


A Century of Revolution: Insurgent and counterisurgent violence in Latin America’s long Cold War Edited by Greg Grandin and Gilbert M. Joseph

State Repression and the Domestic Democratic Peace By Christian Davenport

The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence By Susie Linfield

Terrorism, Civil War, and Revolution: Revolution and inernational politics By Peter Calvert

Rethinking Violence: States and Non-state Actors in Conflict Edited by Erica Chenoweth and Adria Lawrence


Rebel Rulers: Insurgent governance and civilian life during war By Zacariah Cherian Mampilly

The Political Economy of Terrorism By Walter Enders and Todd Sandler

Barriers to Peace in Civil War By David E. Cunningham

Ethnic Conflict, Civil War, and Cost of Conflict Edited by Raul Caruso

Why Men Rebel (originally published in the 1970s) By Ted Robert Gurr


Why Peace Fails: The causes and prevention of civil war recurrence By Charles T. Call

The Politics of modern Central America: Civil War, democratization, and underdevelopment By Fabrice Lehoucq

New and Old Wars: Organised violence in a global era By Mary Kaldor

Social Movements 1768-2012 By Charles Tilly and Lesley J. Wood

The Ties That Divide: Ethnic Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Conflict By Stephen M. Saideman


Inequality, Grievances, and Civil War By Lars-Erik Cederman, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, and Halvard Buhaug

Transnational Dynamics of Civil War Edited by Jeffrey T. Checkel

Nonstate Actors in Intrastate Conflicts Edited by Dan Miadownik and Oren Barak


Guide to Intrastate Wars: A Handbook on Civil Wars By Jeffrey Dixon and Meredith Reid Sarkees


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