On Foreign Aid, Donors, and State Interests…

The relationship of donations, state to state aid, and private aid on state stability is a fascinating topic with lots of room for research, although Savun and Tirone published an excellent piece on the topic in 2010.

Here’s a take from one of Zimbabwe’s leaders, and some of the commentary it produced: http://www.nonprofitquarterly.org/philanthropy/23709-is-philanthropy-colonialism-by-another-name.html

What do you think? Is philanthropy a means of state control? Of provoking instability? If so, what do foreign aid receipts say about state-state relationships? And how does the political landscape of a state change based on the donations received?

Another interesting knot to look at it in this area is the problem of gender-biased aid. In Haiti, some aid-dependent communities experience the phenomenon of floating males. The aid goes to women, and the men follow the aid. The social relationships of dating and marriage have been altered to a staggering degree in some areas.

So is aid really aid? Let’s hear your opinion on it. Comment below.